The company was incorporated in the year 1988 to take over an old established sports goods and equipment business then carried on in the name of Nairobi Sports House since 1949.

We are the largest retail and wholesale dealers in East Africa dealing in sports, promotional items, educational, communication, entertainment, hiking, camping, fishing & other equipment like games, shoes, apparels, accessories, scientific equipment, indoor & outdoor playing equipment, electronic games, body building, physical exercise equipment, trophies etc., and we export in and around the adjoining territories the sport goods and equipment, promotion goods, medals and trophies.

The company deals in the goods, equipment and apparels of reputable international brands in all fields of sporting activity such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Dart, Fishing etc. and has agency or exclusive distribution rights for East Africa for international brands.

The company has developed the business and expanded its activities by providing the goods and services to the multi-national companies, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, large & medium industrial undertakings, industries in communication sectors, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, financial institutions, chain of supermarkets, clubs, sports bodies, sports associations, other retail & wholesale dealers besides our own retail and wholesale trade.

Nairobi Sports House Limited is a “SUPERMARKET” for sports goods and Promotional Items such as umbrellas, key rings, t-shirts, caps, banners, bags, branded balls & other related goods and equipment incomparable with any one in East Africa with the unique identity. The company has SEVEN retail and wholesale outlets situated at various strategic points in Nairobi and THREE in Mombasa. It has a warehouse section to cater for the wholesale market. The company headquarters is at Daya House, 86, Muthithi Road, Westlands. Import, export, sales and purchases, accounts are all computerized and centrally networked for gathering data and information of stocks sales and purchases. The company’s wholesale warehouse is in Daya House, 86, Muthithi Road, Westlands, where the goods are stored and wholesale trade and distribution to all the retail units is carried out from this unit.