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Adidas Fitness Ankle/wrist Weight 0.5kg -- Adwt-12227

Product Description:

  • Product Name:Adidas Fitness Ankle/wrist Weight 0.5kg -- Adwt-12227
  • Brand Name:Adidas fitness
  • Product Code:1250001186
  • Unit:PAIR
  • Price: 3800 Ksh
  •            2350 Ksh
  • Discount: 38.16%
  • Art No.:ADWT-12227
  • Description:*Helping to push your workouts further the Adidas Ankle/Wrist Weights provide a secure and effective way to boost bodyweight training. *2 x 0.5kg ankle / wrist weights with secure locking mechanism. *Adds an extra level of intensity to your workouts. *Add intensity to your workout or running


  • Made from durable neoprene with an iron ore filling the weights form to your wrist/ankle for comfortable and tailored fit with velcro fastening.
  • Ankle and Wrist Weights, which weigh 2 x 0.5 kg.


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